The exhibitions organized or displayed by the Centre international du Vitrail present collections of ancient and modern stained glass of all countries, alternating with thematic approaches to its history and iconography, technique or restoration problems, thus underlining the fundamental importance of this cultural heritage.

The publication service is editing conference and colloquia records, scientific reports in association with other institutes, and catalogues of the exhibitions organized by the Centre international du Vitrail.
- Exhibition visits and conferences
- Cultural heritage classes
- Handicraft classes
- Cultural instruction
- Leisure courses in stained-glass art
- Stained glass studio for demonstration purposes
- Guided tours for children in the cathedral
- Instruction in history of art


Since 1991 the Centre international du Vitrail is organizing regularly an important meeting on european level of all specialists in the field of conservation of stained-glass windows.

These meetings aim at the diffusion of the most important results of the work carried out by scientifics, restorators and conservators and are conceived to allow the discussion and evaluation of these results, as well as the formulating of recommandations. They contribute to sensibilize individuals and those responsable for cultural heritage to the phenomena of stained-glass window deterioration and the urgency of calling upon concrete protection measures.


The library allows access to more than 10,000 books and documents dedicated to stained glass. This unique centre of information was built up on the private library of Jean Lafond and is enriched and enlarged regularly by new acquisitions. You also can find a collection of slides about contemporary works, monographies of artists and stained-glass artists, a collection of important periodicals covering largely the field of glass production, architecture, and the conservation and restoration of cultural objects.