Our goals

The International Stained-Glass Centre, established in 1980, collaborates with the relevant scientific, cultural and professional organizations in order to promote the study and conservation of stained glass and the knowledge about, and contributes to encourage its contemporary forms of expression.

By organizing workshops, cultural heritage classes, practical training courses, exhibitions of ancient and modern stained glass and guided visits, the Centre is fulfilling its mission of diffusing information about stained-glass art.

The museum workshop and its documentation centre provide the opportunity to become acquainted with the different stages in the design of stained-glass and to acquire knowledge about the art and techniques of medieval and contemporary stained-glass artists.

Our objectives are :

  • To promote the information about and the study of stained-glass art.
  • To contribute to the preservation of ancient stained-glass windows.
  • To participate in the development of modern stained glass.
  • Be a meeting place and a forum for the interchange of information and ideas.
  • To collaborate with scientific, cultural or professional organizations in the field of stained-glass art.
  • To assemble, conservate and diffuse all documents, works and information about stained-glass art in France and in the world.