A database to make information on stained glass accessible to all


Base de données Open Source des vitraux de la cathédrale de Chartres

The implementation of these two tools (application and digital room) has led to the creation of a database containing all the information on Chartres Cathedral’s stained glass windows (texts, photos, drawings, videos, etc.).

An Open Source database

This database will be OPEN SOURCE and will be freely accessible to all public and academic bodies on request. At the same time, it will provide us with a complete digital backup of all information concerning the cathedral’s stained glass windows.

Managed in-house

The C.I.V. departments will be assigned a person responsible for integrating the information.

The idea is to provide a tool that will facilitate regular updating of the stained-glass database. A single person will be able to manage the whole system and decide which medium should be used to update the information. This person will be a historian researching the cathedral’s stained glass windows.

The platform will make it possible to access, edit and save the data and works collected, and to select those to be made accessible to cathedral visitors via the application. In this way, the platform will be able to index the stained glass heritage and eventually serve the entire digital system.

In conclusion, the stained-glass database will be gradually enriched over the months, until it includes all the cathedral’s stained-glass windows.

Shared data

The stained-glass database can be used by various media wishing to present the stained-glass windows of Chartres Cathedral.

The C.I.V. will be able to open up the stained-glass encyclopedia to its partners wishing to communicate.

  • Researchers ;
  • Universities ;
  • Schools ;
  • Museums ;

Our aim is to provide everyone with information (text, photos, drawings, videos, etc.) that can be used to create :

  • exhibitions;
  • training courses;
  • educational workshops;
  • courses;

Thanks to this tool, we’ll be able to provide access to an immense source of knowledge and know-how.